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Rob Parker Blasts 'Oblivious' MLB Players For Refusing Deal With Owners

Rob Parker Blasts 'Greedy' MLB Players For Refusing to Agree on Deal With Owners
Rob Parker: “I’ve always been a big supporter of the Major League Baseball Players Union, the strongest union in America, but here I can no longer do that. NOT during this pandemic. I don’t understand how they can look at what’s going on in this country and where we are. Thirty-five million people are out of work and don’t know if they can take care of their bills or their lives, and other people were furloughed or had their pay reduced. But somehow, some way, Major League Baseball players honestly believe that they should go unscathed. HOW DARE YOU. HOW YOU CAN YOU DO THIS?? You can’t be this oblivious to the plight of the American people and to the baseball fans. You just kicked them in the groin! EVERYBODY ELSE is taking it on the chin… How in the world can you ask for the same pay when there will be NO FANS in the stands, NO CONCESSIONS, NO PARKING, NO MERCHANDISE SOLD. You know all those workers 3ho used to work at the ballpark? They’re a** out!... I can’t stand with this and you can’t do this any longer! THINK OF THE FANS AND THE HEARTACHE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! DON’T TAKE BASEBALL AWAY FROM US!” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker rip Major League Baseball players and the Players Union for botching a 2020 season proposal resolution with the owners, as both parties continue their bitter and fruitless negotiations towards a revenue sharing plan that would spearhead the season beginning when agreed upon.

Check out the audio above as Parker blasts the players for refusing to take a pay cut during a pandemic that has already cost almost 40 million Americans their jobs, and millions more being furloughed or taken pay cuts, including Rob himself.