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Rob Parker Says Patriots Will Be Better Without Tom Brady this Season

Christian Fauria: "They’re better off without him. Can I tell you why? And it has nothing to do with Brady’s skill set. It’s not because he’s not good, or he can’t throw it, or he’s lost some speed on his fastball. It’s because where he was in his career, his age, what he wanted to achieve, and what the Patriots were trying to achieve were completely different. So it was never going to work out. They were never going to see eye to eye… A veteran quarterback who wants to win and throw the football and is not willing to take risks and doesn’t want his stats being messed with and won’t throw interceptions and would rather throw it out of bounds, that’s the guy that is going to delay the development of your star wide receiver who you won’t throw the ball to because you don’t trust him, because he doesn’t have a long enough track record… Right now, the offense is better off with Tom Brady. They are better off without him this year, yes.”

Rob Parker: “Christian Fauria is spot on. He knows that Tom Brady is a 43-year-old quarterback with a noodle arm… They’ve seen Tom Brady in practice and they know what’s going on. The whole narrative was ‘Tom Brady does more with less than any other quarterback!’ and then last year he didn’t have anyone and you heard ‘well, he didn’t have…’ Well, which one is it?? Christian is a former player who is looking at it objectively and I’m just an objective reporter. These Brady fanboys can’t see anything past their love for Tom Brady. Fauria, who is entrenched in Beantown, who has sources, and who knows what the talk is amongst the players in that dressing room is on the money here.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he agrees with former New England Patriots’ tight end Christian Fauria’s recent viral comments that stated he believes the Patriots will be better off without Tom Brady next season.

Check out the audio above as Parker details why Fauria is right on the money to speak truth about a ’43-year-old with a noodle arm’, as Parker believes neither New England or Tampa Bay will make the playoffs next year, and says that New England wouldn’t have made the playoffs THIS year even with Brady.