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Colin Cowherd: Baltimore Ravens Have a Legitimate Shot to Go 16-0 This Year

Colin Cowherd: “I always do my NFL predictions and I never make anyone undefeated or 0-16. Even for a good team, winning 12 games in the NFL is really hard. But the more I think about it, Baltimore is the first team that maybe I’ve ever thought has a chance to go 16-0 and it’s not ridiculous… Baltimore brings back everybody, they upgraded their secondary and now have the best secondary and running game in the NFL. Their toughest road game is at Philadelphia, and they could take a bus there. They don’t go west… The two teams on Baltimore’s schedule that I would say have ‘equal talent’ or close, are Cleveland and Kansas City. They host Kansas City, and Kansas City beat them last year so they got a chip on their shoulder, and Cleveland beat them last year and shocked them, and they’ve got a chip in the opener vs. Cleveland. Baltimore is a rare team for me, and I think it’s very possible they steamroll Cleveland early, and they just start rolling and don’t slow down… Continuity, no OTAs, chip on their shoulder, schedule perfect, we may be looking at a 16-0 football team and I don’t think it’s crazy. They’ve got the best offensive line arguably, best running game, best secondary, easiest schedule, and a quarterback who was great last year and appears to be getting better.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Baltimore Ravens have a legitimate shot to go 16-0 this year, a season after they went 14-2 and outscored their opponents by a league-leading 249 points.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he believes a Baltimore team with the best offensive line in the league, best running game, best secondary, and MVP quarterback, playing one of the easiest schedules in the NFL, and rolling in with almost everyone back after an off-season where OTA’s will be cancelled for every team, makes the Ravens a strong candidate to go undefeated.

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