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The Real Reason Kyrie Irving Suddenly Spoke Out Against NBA Season Resuming

The Real Reason Kyrie Irving Suddenly Spoke Out Against NBA Season Resuming
Chris Broussard: “I have some insight on this because I’ve talked to players. The narrative out there is that Kyrie is trying to have a mutiny. This is what I’m told by multiple people. Kyrie is new to the executive committee. They voted and Kyrie kind of went along and really didn’t give his opinion, and kind of went along with the flow. Then he starts getting texts from players around the league that were like ‘hey, our voices are not being heard, and we got concerns.’ So Kyrie talks to the executive committee about what he’s hearing – I talked to them today, and there is no beef between Kyrie and the executive committee. I was told the other guys said ‘look, we want you to speak your mind, whether we agree or not.’ That’s when Kyrie started sharing his thoughts, and the thoughts of other players.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain the real reason why NBA superstar Kyrie Irving suddenly became the loudest voice in the league concerning reservations towards the NBA restarting its season in Orlando.

Irving was reportedly content with the league’s plan to resume up until a couple days ago when he mysteriously switched course, citing his concerns over social unrest still greatly looming around the US, and it not being in good taste to continue the season when more important issues should be of the league’s attention. Irving is a VP of the players union.

Theories surfaced that Irving may have switched lanes when he found out he wouldn’t be allowed to travel with the Nets to Florida, given his injuries, and some even hypothesized that he was trying to sabotage the season out of spite for LeBron James, whose Lakers will be neck and neck with the Bucks and Clippers as NBA Finals favorites.

Check out the audio above as Chris details what really triggered Irving.