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Dak Prescott is Simply Kirk Cousins With a Better Offensive Line

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys
(Full Video Below) Colin Cowherd: “It’s the same dilemma with Kirk Cousins and Dak Prescott. There’s a bunch of old quarterbacks in the league that still appear to be better, and there are still a bunch of young quarterbacks in the league who appear to have a higher ceiling than Dak and Kirk. If you give them a deal it’s not going to crush the franchise, and you can certainly make statistical arguments with productivity that they’ve earned it, but with both feel like there are old guys that are still better, there’s a bunch of young guys that look like they have higher ceilings. Do I want to pay my guy top of the market dollar, or near it when he kind of feels like ‘B’, not ‘A'??" (Full Video Below)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Dak Prescott is simply Kirk Cousins with a better offensive line and more weapons, as Colin says both guys can certainly make an ‘argument’ for being paid like an elite quarterback given their Pro Bowl caliber statistics, but two players who you feel like can be easily replaced and duplicated.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he’s never going to be thrilled with the idea of Prescott getting a long-term extension when a loaded team likke Dallas can absolutely plug in much cheaper options who can put the team in the same position to win.