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Colin Cowherd's 8 Boldest Predictions For the 2020 NFL Season

New York Jets v New England Patriots

Colin Cowherd Predicts the Eight Most Notable Storylines for the 2020 NFL Season.

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Will Jamal Adams be Traded?

“Not to be. I think Joe Douglas wants to sign him. The biggest roadblock is that they haven’t had an OTA so Douglass doesn’t know if his draft picks can play. If they can, and you’ve solved left tackle, corner, and wide receiver, then you pay Jamal Adams. I think he’d like to put it off, get to camp, see the rookies, and see an illustration on if their draft picks can play. The Jets don’t pay anybody except Le'Veon Bell and will let him go next year.”

Will a Team Sign Cam Newton?

“To be. Somebody is going to get hurt this year. Without OTAs, probably the most predictable thing we’re going to have this year in the NFL is COVID, and injuries. What does that mean? Most teams don’t carry three quarterbacks. I’m going to make a prediction – by the third week of the NFL season he will either have had two workouts, or will seriously be considered by September 20th. I guarantee you that a quarterback is going to get COVID, and somebody is going to get hurt because we’re not practicing as much.”

Will a Team Sign Colin Kaepernick?

“To be. That’s the momentum. It’s what players want, it’s what the league wants, and I also think there’s this concern with Trump. Trump is going to be gone by November, he just is. He’s way down in the polls, people aren’t showing up to his rallies, you don’t have to worry about him anymore, and he’s lost power. I see him as a backup, I don’t see him as a starter.”

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