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Avery Bradley Is Too Woke To Work

Avery Bradley Is To Woke To Work

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the news that Avery Bradley will not play in the NBA's return due to his 6-year-old son's respiratory issues. Doug explains why he thinks Bradley is using his family as reason not to play so that he can focus on the Black Live Matters movement. Doug also wonders how Bradley's absence will effect the Lakers championship chances when the team starts playing in Orlando.

Doug Gottlieb:“Avery Bradley is too woke to work. He wants the best of both worlds, though. He wants to be recognized as protesting instead of playing but he doesn't want to get criticized for it so he put the family reason out there. Most of the players aren't bringing their families. They would have to be quarantined for four days upon thank you. Is it a sacrifice to leave your family behind and play in Orlando? It sure is. You know what that's called? It's called a job. You have earned the right to be part of the 22 teams to go. You just had 3 months at home! He's trying to be a social justice warrior and put it off on a 6 year-old. You get so few opportunities to win an NBA championship and he's not going to show up? You think LeBron wants you back? Imagine if they lose and get lit up by someone he would have's that conversation going to go?"