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Bubba Wallace Discusses Noose Incident At Talladega

Bubba Wallace Discusses Noose Incident At Talladega

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace joins the Dan Patrick Show to discuss the noose incident at Talladega Superspeedway. Wallace talks about who discovered the noose in his garage and that he was told by NASCAR President Steve Phelps that a hate crime had occurred, why even though it may not have been an attack on him it is something that should have still been addressed, how he reacted to those who called the incident a hoax and if the controversy is over for him.

Dan Patrick: “Do you think this story is over and we just move on from it?”

Bubba Wallace: “Yea, I believe it’s over.”

Dan Patrick: “But somebody had to tie that unintentionally or intentionally.”

Bubba Wallace: “Yup, somebody knows how to tie that and that’s on them, that’s what they can go and live with and I’m not worried about that person. I’ve got enough on my plate to worry about but yes people know how to tie nooses and it just so happened to be in my garage stall that day, which is unfortunate. But I’m going to move past this. By Pocono I’ll be ready to roll.”