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Colin Cowherd's Top 8 Sports Team that Most Symbolize America

Mariners v Yankees

Colin Cowherd lists the eight ‘Most American’ teams in sports.

Dallas Cowboys

“They are known as ‘America’s Team’. They are the most popular team in American on social media. It’s not just their tradition, generation after generation they remain relevant. Of the nine most watched regular season games in the NFL last year, six were Cowboys game. They’re situated right in the middle of the country – 3 hour flight to LA, 3 hour flight to Miami, 3:45 flight to New York.”

Green Bay Packers

“The small town kid who makes it big. They’re the 146th biggest market in the country, and the only publicly owned sports franchise. What makes their story great is usually we think of small towns as high school football, middle-sized towns as college football, and big cities as professional football, but they’re the 146th biggest town in America, and the smallest of any ‘Big 4’(NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL).”

New York Yankees

“They’re the biggest villain in sports. America likes its villains, it’s somebody to root for and somebody to root against. The Yankees have 27 championships, the most of any of the major sports teams. They have iconic uniforms, iconic history, iconic players like Babe Ruth, and many would argue after the Cowboys they’re number two on the list.”

FULL video below.

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