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Fitness Icon Brooke Ence Talks CrossFit, Career Journey & 'Ultimate Tag'

International fitness Icon Brooke Ence takes the time to share with John Ramos her rise to being a fitness icon. She's featured in the FOX show "Ultimate Tag," she's a World CrossFit Champion and also had a role in Wonder Woman and Justice League.

Watch Brooke Ence in action on FOX's Ultimate Tag, here!

The road that led Brooke to Hollywood and to become one of the most respected CrossFit stars wasn't easy. After competing in the CrossFit arena since 2015, she suffered significant wear and tear on her shoulders in 2017. Doctors recommended a major surgery that would take her away from CrossFit competitions, but she chose instead an investigational treatment -- injections of stem cells. Now, after a few treatments and 3 years later, Brooke is back to intense training and is ready to not only take on competitors on FOX but to makeher first appearance to a national CrossFit competition in 5 years. Referring to herself as the "professional underdog," Brooke is taking in the small moments during her rigorous training program. Being able to see the people that marvel at her abilities once the closures and shutdowns are lifted rather than the place she would finish has put her future in fitness back into perspective.
With millions affected by the closures of gyms seeking to maintain the same level of motivation to stay fit, Brooke can provide tips and tricks to keep up the intensity while on self-quarantine via herNaked Training Program. She offers workout routines, along with personal plans to keep you active during this time.

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