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Clay Travis Lays Out 3 Main Reasons College Football Can't Happen in Spring

Clay Travis Lays Out 3 Main Reasons College Football Can't Happen in Spring

Clay Travis is reacting to yesterday's big sports news of the day, and that was the Big 10 Conference announcing that this upcoming football season, they will only be playing in conference games. This is pretty big news that has a number of different ramifications.

With this announcement, along with the Ivy League's announcement that they will be pushing all fall sports back to the spring semester, there are a number of people that think we could see a spring football season. Clay argues that a spring football season doesn't make any sense, and he lays out the 3 main reasons why that is the case.

First, there's no guarantee at all that pushing the season back to the spring will be any safer in regards to the Coronavirus. The weather will be much colder in January, February and March than it will be in September, October and November, and the virus could very likely spread much easier during cold and flu season.

Secondly, if the season is played in the Spring, none of the best players would play. Why would any player with NFL Draft aspirations for next season choose to play college football during the same time that the NFL Combine and NFL Draft would be taking place?

Lastly, a spring season would not be healthy for the players. It would be asking an awful lot of these college athletes to play a season during the spring semester, and then turn around and play another full season just a few months later that upcoming fall.

We will all see how this plays out, but as far as Clay is concerned, a spring football season is just simply not an option.

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