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Memphis Man Shoots Cousin Over Penny Hardaway Argument

NBA Official David Jones (L) and Orlando Magic Anf

Well this situation absolutely went from 0-100 very quickly.

A Memphis man was charged with second-degree attempted murder after police said he shot his cousin in the chest because of an argument over whether University of Memphis basketball coach Penny Hardaway is a good coach, according to WREG-TV.

Officers took Tyrone Taylor into custody Thursday for the July 3 incident. He was also charged with employment of a firearm and being a convicted felon in possession of a gun. The victim told police he was inside the home when he got into a verbal altercation with his cousin. After things escalated, Taylor allegedly punched the victim in the face before pulling out a gun and firing. The report did not say what Taylor’s stance on Hardaway was.

Hardaway has been the head coach as his alma mater since 2018, holding a 43-24 record in two seasons with the Tigers. The Magic great and Memphis native was hired after years as a high school and AAU coach.

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