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Chris Broussard: Native Americans Deserve Say in Redskins' New Team Name

Chris Broussard: “It has been nearly 100 years of this football team being named a derogatory racial slur for Native Americans, so I feel like the team in Washington needs to go to Native American leaders and talk to them about it. They should get first dibs and say to them ‘Is there a positive Native American name that we could use that you would feel proud about and you guys would get behind?’ For nearly 100 years we called the team a racial slur, slandering the Native Americans, unknowingly for most of us, and that’s why I think they should get the right to rename the team if they like. If they don’t, and they’re like ‘we don’t want any mascots, we don’t want any nicknames, we just wanted you to get rid of that one’ then fine, go with the 'Rockets', or the 'Comets', or whatever you wanna call it, but I think the Native Americans should get first dibs if they want it.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain why he thinks the Washington Redskins’ organization should go to Native American activism groups, and top Native American social leaders for input involving the re-naming of their team as a sign of good faith for having used the controversial 'Redskins' nickname since 1932.

Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder at one point had promised that he would never change the team name’s name, and offered reasoning into the etymology of the actual term ‘Redskins’, as well as survey data revealing most Native Americans weren’t actually offended by the team's name, but the massive wave of social activism spanning across the United States in the wake of George Floyd’s death eventually triggered top sponsors and merchandise venders to demand the team get rid of the ‘Redskins’ name immediately.

Check out the video above as Broussard details we Native Americans should get ‘first dibs’ in the team’s new name.

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