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Five Reasons Why Dak Prescott Isn't Getting a Long-Term Contract Extension

Colin Cowherd’s 5 Facts Working Against Dak Prescott in Contract Negotiations.

1. Cowboys Haven’t Won a Super Bowl in 25 Years

“They really haven’t been close either. This isn’t Tom Brady leaving New England. If Dak left you’re not losing excellence, history, or momentum – hell, they were 8-8 last year. When Brady and Peyton left you’re losing momentum, you’re losing tradition, you’re losing excellence, and you’re losing records. You’re not losing any of that with Dak, that’s just factual. There’s no momentum right now and they’ve underachieved, not overachieved.”

2. Dak’s Early Career Numbers Are Comparable to Andy Dalton's

“This is not a transformative quarterback talent. This is not Lamar Jackson, this is not Russell Wilson, this is not Aaron Rodgers, this is not Patrick Mahomes. Dak and Andy Dalton’s records, passing yards, passing touchdowns, and completion percentage, makes Dak a hell of a lot closer to Dalton than Patrick Mahomes – and that’s with Dak having better personnel than Andy had."

3. Dallas Has Excellent Offensive Pieces

“It’s the defense I’ve got issues with, especially the secondary. This is a top 5 offensive line, Zeke is a top one, two, or three running back, and their receiving corps is top two or three in the league. I got Ceedee Lamb on top of Michael Gallup, and Amari Cooper, AND Zeke, AND a top 5 offensive line? C’mon now. This is not an offense who couldn’t find some quarterback and go ‘Hey Derek Carr, Raiders are tired of you and you've got pretty good numbers…’”

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