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Five Teams that Will Try to Recruit Giannis Antetokounmpo at the NBA Bubble

Ben Maller: “We are told that the Milwaukee Bucks are NOT concerned about players trying to recruit Giannis Antetokounmpo during the NBA’s Bubble… Privately, if you could be a fly on the wall at the Milwaukee Bucks’ corporate offices where the big shots roam, I will bet all of my money on the table that they are a nervous wreck. It’s like dating an attractive girlfriend who says ‘I’m gonna go out with my girlfriends and I’m gonna go bar hopping.’ Then you’re like let me ‘check in’ with her and text her, and she has her phone off. You say you’re not worried, but you know you’re freaking out in your head. The Bucks could be in the bubble for over two months, and it’s going to be open season to brainwash Antetokounmpo, I don’t care what the Bucks say. It’s nail-biting time for the Bucks organization.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why the Milwaukee Bucks organization should be terrified of what could potentially go down during their stay at the NBA’s ‘Bubble’ in Orlando later this month, as Maller believes there will be a number of players trying to ‘recruit’ Giannis Antetokounmpo in what could be a 2-3 month quarantine with players living in close proximity.

Check out the video above as Maller details why this could be ‘nail-biting’ time for a small-market Bucks team who could see one of the most talented players in league history get lured to a big market when he becomes an unrestricted free agent after next season.

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