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Clay Travis Is Joined by Long Time NFL Writer John McClain

Clay Travis Is Joined by Long Time NFL Writer John McClain

Veteran NFL writer John McClain stops by Outkick with Clay Travis. McClain has been covering the NFL for 45 years now, and there's not a better man in the business to talk with about this upcoming football season.

As everybody knows, this season will be different than any other we've ever seen, and John McClain agrees with that sentiment, as he flat out says that statement is undeniably true. A big story today is surrounding the best way to handle the NFL preseason. Clay asks McClain about the preseason and its importance, how would John handle the number of games with player health in mind?

Will the NFL season start on time with the match-up between the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs, and the team that John McClain covers in Houston, the Texans?

Clay and McClain cover a lot of ground this morning, and one topic is the number of huge story lines on the football field. Tom Brady and Gronk together in Tampa, the Green Bay quarterback room, Patrick Mahomes and his new deal, Dak's pivotal year in Dallas, and the list goes on. This season has the potential to be one of the best we have ever seen.

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