Greg Sankey Says Contingency Plan To Play This Spring Is Way Down The List

Greg Sankey Says Contingency Plan To Play This Spring Is Way Down The List

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey joins the Dan Patrick Show to discuss his confidence level in having football back in the fall, why he is watching what NASCAR and other sports are doing when it comes to having fans in the stands and why there is a contingency plan to have football in the spring but it is very low on the list because he hopes to have the season start on time.

Dan Patrick: “Do you have a contingency plan to play in the spring?”

Greg Sankey: “It’s on the list but it’s well down on the list. Here’s the reality, you start out and you say ‘We’d like to play the season as scheduled,’ parts of that have evaporated for us because we lost two Pac-12 games. And then you sit down and say ‘If you can’t play as scheduled, what can you do in that same time frame?’ And I’ve not walked away from non-conference games to our earlier conversation is that 12 games, is that 11 games, is that 10 games? Is that some conference games plus some non-conference games? And then if you have to delay the start those last options are there, is there an opportunity to play still some non-conference games in the fall with our conference schedule or do you beef up your conference schedule to play that with the thought that there would be disruption. And then you work through all of those and you keep spring there because we haven’t been able to predict the whole lot. But that’s not a focal point for us.”

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