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Critics of Aaron Rodgers Should Keep That Same Energy for Brady and Brees

Enough With The Aaron Rodgers Hate

Doug Gottlieb was beginning to think that he's the last defender of Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. After having on Mike Sando, who authored '2020 Quarterback Tiers: 50 coaches and evaluators rank the NFL starters' for The Athletic, the results had Rodgers ranked 3rd behind Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson.

Doug Gottlieb tries to get to the bottom of Aaron Rodgers' detractors in (the audio above): "So the question becomes, why have people soured on Aaron Rodgers? I would say that some of it is body language. Some of it is perception because I think he's perceived as the guy who ran Mike McCarthy out of town. Some of it is age, and I'm sure his skillset on some level has diminished. Tom Brady and Drew Brees' skillset has diminished, and they don't seem to be critiqued at the same level we do of Rodgers."

Later in the audio Gottlieb says: "Is it possible Rodgers is a bad fit for a system in where he's not well supported in terms of overall talent, and he's still finding a way to make it work (which actually makes ME think MORE of him, not less of him)? Everybody, including Aaron Rodgers, freaked out because they didn't take a wide receiver. So do they have weapons, or do they need a receiver? If everyone seems to know they need wide receiving help, and they didn't take a receiver? Why then are we saying Aaron Rodgers' skills are diminishing when clearly he doesn't have guys running open nearly the way he used to?"