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Blockbuster Report About NBA & China Should Be the Biggest Story in Sports

Blockbuster Report About NBA & China Should Be the Biggest Story in Sports

Clay Travis is reacting to the 3 biggest stories of the day in the world of sports. In MLB, Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly was suspended 8 games for his actions in their game against the Astros, which Clay calls ridiculous. In college football, Clay was happy that the ACC released their plan for this upcoming season, which includes Notre Dame as a part of their conference. In the NBA, Clay was a bit surprised that ESPN finally released a blockbuster story detailing some of the aspects of the NBA's relationship with China.

Clay focuses on the NBA and China story, as he believes it is the biggest story in the world of sports, even though he thinks that not many people will spend much time talking about it throughout sports media. In the report, there are some ugly details that are revealed about the NBA and their current situation and involvement with China. This information about the NBA, Clay believes, is further evidence that the wokeness of NBA teams, players and coaches about social justice issues, is incredibly hypocritical because they refuse to take any stance regarding the atrocities going in on China, where the league is directly involved.

The NBA returns tonight, and this bombshell story is out there, but will anybody in the media ask any members of the association about it?

Clay brings in the Outkick crew & asks if this story will be in the back of their minds while these games are on TV tonight?

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