Brady Quinn Blasts Pac-12 Football Players Threatening to Boycott Season

Brady Quinn Blasts PAC-12 Football Players Threatening to Sit Out Season
Brady Quinn: “They’re de-valuing the education and not looking at how it’s going to impact the other 98% of student athletes out there that aren’t going to have the opportunity to go pro. It’s a slap in the face to every single person out there who’s got student loan debt, who paid and struggled for their education, and then afterwards has to go to work and pay it off and doesn’t have the ability to play professional sports… If I was a fan, I would look at the Pac-12 and go ‘Why don’t you become relevant first??' We really haven’t seen one of their teams contend in the College Football Playoff since who, Washington? Who then got bopped all over the field. Why don’t you worry about THAT first and then we can figure out how to have more of a powerful and unified voice moving forward. This just fires me up, man. They take for granted what they’ve been given. Now, more than ever, bigger stipends, unlimited meals, discretionary funds to have their family fly in for games, and so forth. It’s unbelievable… It’s the most asinine article I’ve read in a long time.” (Full Rant Above)

Listen to former NFL player and Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn call out the Pac-12 football players who are threatening to boycott the 2020 season unless their ‘civil rights demands are met’, which include COVID protections, revenue sharing for athletes, guaranteed scholarships, and even for Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott to have his salary cut.

The collection of anonymous players even penned an article titled '#WeAreUnited' in The Players Tribute, as the letter has now gone viral and become arguably the biggest story in sports.

Check out the audio above as Quinn details why these demands are completely unrealistic and downright ‘asinine’, as Quinn says not only are these players devaluing their education and privileges as a division-1 athletes, but potentially putting at risk the future of Title IX, and jeopardizing the existence of every single NCAA sport outside of football and basketball.

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