Is it Impossible to Tell Student Athletes Not to Party in a Pandemic?

An announcement came down out of Kentucky from the University of Louisville that they intend to pull their sports activities for four athletic teams after 29 positive COVID-19 tests were found to be linked to an off-campus party.

Due to the high risk involved in pushing forward, this has become a common fear around most programs as several schools scramble to figure out how to resume some form of normalcy in the middle of a pandemic. Jason McIntyre tweeted the other night that in essence, such is the nature of the college student. Their age makes them susceptible to risky activities and the program has paid the price for it.

Doug Gottlieb, in response to Jason, makes the point that discipline could have prevented this.

Doug and Jason hash out their differences in the audio below and cover a multitude of subjects from debating how you prevent college athletes from 'being' college athletes and the expectations to have about exceptional talents staying in school or skipping it to prepare for their next stage like the NFL.

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