MLB Has Fought Valiantly Through the Pandemic

MLB Has Fought Valiantly Through the Pandemic

Last week, maybe the biggest story in all of sports was in major League Baseball. The Miami Marlins were faced with an outbreak of the Coronavirus within their organization, and there were many people who feared the season was in jeopardy. That fear was increased when the St. Louis Cardinals faced a similar situation within their team.

As we stand today, the Marlins have been back in action, and the Cardinals are scheduled to play the Cubs on Friday. Clay Travis has nothing but praise for how Major League Baseball was able to handle and get through these difficult situations.

There were a lot of people in the media that were calling for the season to end, but MLB powered through, and it seems like the season will not only continue, but finish as well. Clay cannot stand "Coronabros" (he gives definition), and the situation we saw in MLB was a prime example. The Coronabros in the media were calling for the season to end, but MLB found a way, and with the Marlins and Cardinals back to action, things seem like they're headed in the right direction to finish the season.

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