Randy Edsall is Not Being Honest About UCONN's Cancelled Football Season

Randy Edsall is Not Being Honest About UCONN's Cancelled Football Season
Randy Edsall: “It’s not that they don’t want to play, they are just concerned with their safety and the lack of answers people have. They didn’t think the risk was worth the reward, and our players didn’t feel safe… The people who are playing the games don’t have a say in what’s going on… I have gotten responses from coaches saying ‘thanks for speaking up, and we’re glad you had the guts to do what you’ve done.’ If you put the pluses and the minuses down there is only one plus – MONEY. You go down the minuses and there are much more. I think there’s a lot of coaches and players who don’t wanna have the season.”
Doug Gottlieb: “Randy Edsall is not being honest. I don’t think he’s being completely dishonest but the reason UCONN is not playing is NOT because Randy Edsall doesn’t want to play and doesn’t feel safe, they’re not playing because they can’t get a schedule because they’re not in a league. That’s the reality to it… Yes, ‘money' is a big factor, but it’s not always used for evil. Most of the time it’s used for good for all these athletes and all these kids… We say ‘money’ and people lose their mind like it’s in the evil sense. They think there’s this diabolical nature to it. Yes, money pays for all of the scholarships that these players have and all of the facilities, and keeps the power on. That’s what college sports is. It’s not a business, but it’s not a charity. Randy Edsall is disingenuous saying that he did something bold. No dude, they just couldn’t get games.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks UCONN football coach Randy Edsall is being ‘disingenuous’ when explaining during recent interviews why the Huskies football program cancelled its 2020 season because of health concerns towards COVID-19.

Even though UCONN became the first FBS program to outright cancel its football season, UCONN is currently an Independent, with zero conference affiliation. The Power 5 conferences have elected to cancel all non-conference games in 2020, and stick with conference-only competition for the entirety of the season.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details why the only reason UCONN cancelled its season is because they couldn’t get any games as an Independent with no conference affiliation, and it’s dishonest of Edsall to just act like they willfully turned down a chance to play an entire slate of football in 2020 because of COVID.

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