UCONN Football HC Randy Edsall Defends School's Decision to Cancel Season

Randy Edsall: “If I was a head coach at a Power 5 conference I would go to my administration and sit down with our players and say 'we can’t play football'… If I was in the Big 10 or ACC I would be saying the same thing and doing the same thing.”
Dan Patrick: “Are coaches in denial?"
Edsall: “There’s people in leadership positions afraid to make decisions, and kicking the can down the road trying to say ‘we’re going to do everything that we can' knowing in the back of their mind it’s probably not going to happen and they’re going to cancel the season. That’s why I give our players credit, because our players came to me and said ‘coach, there is no way we can have a season’ and I concurred with them… It’s not that they don’t want to play, they are just concerned with their safety and the lack of answers people can have because of this new virus. They didn’t think the risk was worth the reward… Our players didn’t feel safe… The people who are playing the game don’t have a say in what’s going on… I have gotten responses from coaches saying ‘thanks for speaking up, and we’re glad you had the guts to do what you’ve done.’ If you put the pluses and the minuses down there is only one plus – MONEY. You go down the minuses and there is much more. I think there’s a lot of coaches and players who don’t wanna have the season… Don’t talk about the health and welfare of the student-athlete if you’re not going to listen to them and engage them in a conversation. I’m not playing the game, our Board of Trustees aren't playing the game, and our president isn’t playing the game.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to University of Connecticut head football coach Randy Edsall join The Dan Patrick Show to defend his program’s decision to cancel their 2020 season.

UCONN became the first FBS school to call off its football season because of concerns towards the coronavirus pandemic, but the Huskies currently have no conference affiliation in the sport of football. Power 5 conferences are expected to play ‘conference only’ schedules for the upcoming season.

Check out the full interview above as Edsall details why he thinks money is the only reason why a lot of these schools are desperate to risk the safety of their players, as Edsall believes a lot of coaches and players around the country agree that the 2020 college football season should be cancelled altogether.

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