Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 Offenses in the NFL

Top 10 NFL Offenses according to Colin Cowherd.

10. Philadelphia Eagles

“Carson Wentz had to carry deck chairs at the end of the year, but he was the first quarterback ever with 4,000 passing yards despite not a single receiver catching over 500 yards. It shows you the immense talent. Doug Pederson and Wentz work really well together, and Pederson is really clever. Hopefully the offensive line isn’t patchwork like it was last year.”

9. Green Bay Packers

“There’s a drop-off here but they do have a number one receiver, a top quarterback, a top running back, and Matt LaFleur is a progressive young coach. Pro Football Focus puts their offensive line at fourth in the NFL, so before I hear this ‘woe is me, Aaron doesn’t have anything to work with!’ he’s got a great back, a really good offensive line, a star receiver, and a smart young coach.”

8. Dallas Cowboys

“Dak can drive me crazy and the offensive line is getting older, but you may have the potential for three 1,000-yard wide receivers. Michael Gallup was a third round pick and looks like an absolute steal. He’s a burner out of Colorado State who has become a really nice player. I don’t know a ton about tight end, but Mike McCarthy and Ceedee Lamb should add juice to an already potent offensive.”

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