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Ron DeSantis Joins Clay Travis as First Governor to Endorse #WeWantToPlay

Ron DeSantis Joins Clay Travis as First Governor to Endorse #WeWantToPlay

College football is the huge story in the world of sports today, as it seems like this fall's season is in danger of not happening. Clay Travis is joined by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as this story is evolving by the hour.

The Big 10 is the Power 5 conference that seems like it could be the first to cancel the season, and they are wanting the support of the other conferences in moving in that direction, but a number of college football players, led by Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, have begun a movement on social media, tweeting #WeWantToPlay.

Clay believes that this movement could save the season, and the players need support from coaches, athletic directors, and governors. Governor DeSantis was the first Governor in the country to give his support for the #WeWantToPlay movement, and that's why his conversation with Clay is so important.

Clay and Governor DeSantis go in depth to the many different angles of this situation with college athletics. A vast majority of the players want to play, and it seems like the coaches, athletic directors, and Governors are following the players' lead.

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