The Real Reason College Presidents Want the 2020 Football Season Cancelled

Colin Cowherd: “It was like ‘We have college football! We’re making the schedule!… Oh, wait, season CANCELLED.’ What happened in the last two days?”

Joel Klatt: "The decision makers are finally at the table -- the school presidents. The coaches, the AD’s, and even the conference commissioners can talk all they want about their efforts, and what they wanna do from a planning perspective, and a procedural perspective to play, but really this lies with the university presidents. As these presidents get to the table, they're not being truthful. If they were actually concerned about the health and wellbeing of the student athlete, they would want to keep them within the procedures, structures, and protocols of a football season. What they're most concerned with right now is liability and the ‘Players United’ front, which has started to come up in terms of a unionization. THAT'S what's driving their decisions – the liability and the ever increasing plaintiff-lawyer community that is frothing at the mouth to bring lawsuits against conferences and universities. That's what the presidents are scared of. The health and safety aspect isn't holding much water, if you are going to put a player through testing protocols, and have medical care right there. It would be much better to know you have the virus and get the care right away rather than just going about your daily life outside of the football struction, and not knowing if you have it, and spreading it asymptomatically… If they cancelled the season in the name of 'health and safety', they would actually be doing the opposite, and that’s not even getting into the mental health aspects of potential substance abuse, and the fact that in this age group in America the second leading cause of death is suicide. We’re not talking about the loss of opportunity for tens of thousands of scholarships. This decision would be the wrong decision and would be based out of fear of liability, and the fear of player unionization.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Fox Sports college football commentator Joel Klatt, a former starting quarterback for Colorado from 2002-2006, explain to Colin Cowherd the real reason why school presidents are electing to persuade their respective conferences to cancel the season, as Klatt doesn’t believe that is directly relates to the safety and health of their players.

Check out the interview above as Klatt details why he thinks college football players would actually be safer on a college campus and in the strict structure of a COVID-19 protocolled season with 24/7 medical surveillance, than simply ‘hanging out’ at home with their family and friends, as Klatt says the decision to cancel the season comes down to the fear of liability, and the unionization of players.

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