Rob Parker Demands College Football Season Be Cancelled

Rob Parker Demands College Football Season Be Cancelled
Rob Parker: “This shouldn’t be college football. I’m an adjunct USC professor and school starts on Monday, but guess what? We’re doing it virtually. ONLINE. NO CLASSES. You can’t ask players to go play football but they can’t go to campus for classes. They’re a part of the student body. I have no idea why this is taking so long, and shame on the NCAA. They cancelled Division II and Division III football. How in the world can they leave Division I football?? The only reason why it’s even in the mix is a MONEY GRAB. It’s NOT about the kids’ health… These are college kids who have no medical insurance, no guarantees, and no protection. How in the world can you ask them to go out? How in the world can you tell Division II and Division III players that THEY can’t play, and then ask people in Division I to play football? So you can collect your money from the TV networks!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Jonas Knox (guest-hosting for Chris Broussard) get into a HEATED argument about whether the 2020 college football season should be played, as bothParker and Knox represent a microcosm of the extremely divisive topic, and the sport’s tumultuous road ahead when it comes to their ultimate decision on the season.

The Power 5 conferences will soon render a verdict that could change the college sports landscape forever, as the financial ramifications of a lost season could end up effectively bankrupting the athletic programs of dozens of schools.

The health implications are obviously in play as well, as many have speculated the immense about of liability risks the schools could take on if they indeed play the season, and potentially risk finding themselves in a bottomless pit of lawsuits.

Check out the animated discussion above.

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