Colin Cowherd Predicts Blazers Upset Lakers in First Round of NBA Playoffs

Colin Cowherd: “Yes, Kyle Kuzma and the Lakers starters, including LeBron who played the entire fourth quarter, eked out a win over a Denver team that didn’t play any of their starters in the fourth quarter. Even after that game the Lakers are last in three-point percentage, last in field goal percentage, and last in points at the Bubble. And that is WITH LeBron James and WITH Anthony Davis. Folks, if you have LeBron James and Anthony Davis and you’re still LAST in the bubble in offense, what does that tell you about the rest of the cast?? I am picking Portland to beat the Lakers. The Lakers cannot shoot the three, and if you can’t shoot the three or defend the three, you can’t beat Portland. Dame, Gary Trent Jr., CJ McCollum, equal size, why is everybody afraid to say this? I’m down on this Lakers team and I think they’re a fool’s gold number one seed. I don’t think LeBron outside of AD trusts ANY of his teammates to be that third star.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Lakers are a ‘Fool's Gold’ number one seed in the Western Conference, and why he would be picking the Portland Trailblazers to upset LeBron and the Lakers in the first round of next week’s NBA Playoffs if the Blazers can hold onto their seed on the season’s final day, and then come out victorious in the play-in series.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the Blazers are the ‘greatest number eight seed in NBA history.’

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