Devin Booker is a 'Garbage Time' Specialist Who Only Cares About His Stats

Ben Maller: “Is Draymond Green correct? Does Devin Booker have to leave Phoenix to have a legitimate big-time career? I say NO to that. If Devin Booker is God’s gift to basketball, which some think he is, then I’m of the belief that Phoenix would not be in the current pickle that they are in with that loser’s mentality… We have seen the truly great players who elevate the play of everyone around them and lead franchises out of the doldrums. Devin Booker has not been that kind of player. He’s an offensive dynamo but he’s not a winning NBA player. This is a guy who is all about the stats. He’s great if you play fantasy basketball. There are so many hollow statistics next to the name ‘Devin Booker’… Why would Devin Booker want to go to another team and sacrifice as many shots as he possibly wants? As long as he gets his 25 of 26 points per game, and 20+ field goal attempts, he’s a happy camper. I have seen no evidence that Devin Booker is depressed because the Suns blow… Devin Booker put up 70 points in a game that they trailed to Boston by 23 points at halftime. Do you know how many points Booker scored in the second half in garbage time? FIFTY-ONE. The Celtics were letting him score and didn’t even care about the garbage time.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Ben Maller discuss Draymond Green’s recent comments about Devin Booker, that said Booker needs to leave the Phoenix Suns to help save a bright career that is being handcuffed by one of the worst organizations in professional sports.

Check out the video above as Maller vehemently disagrees with Green (who would later be fined by the league for tampering), as Maller thinks Booker is actually a ‘garbage time’ specialist who is perfectly happy on a team that gives him an unlimited amount of shots, and infinite opportunities to put up those gaudy and hollow stats he loves so much.

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