Tom Brady Reportedly Held a Beef Against Patriots For Cutting Antonio Brown

Tom Brady Reportedly Held a Beef Against Patriots For Cutting Antonio Brown
Charles Robinson: “He [Tom Brady] was upset about Antonio Brown. Like he really was upset that they just washed their hands of Antonio Brown, particularly because Tom was such a big part of getting him there, getting him on the right page, and accepting him – I mean, Brady brought him into his home, and then the Patriots pulled the plug. Frankly, Tom is pretty cutthroat, so his thought process was ‘you just took away the guy who could have been the difference for us.’ Then you saw they struggled offensively, and that was part of it… Tom always felt like he deserved a bigger seat the at the table in terms of the decision making and feeling like he was heard.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to senior NFL reporter for Yahoo Sports Charles Robinson join The Doug Gottlieb Show to discuss NFL legend Joe Montana’s recent admissions about a conversation Montana had with Tom Brady at last February’s Super Bowl in Miami between the Chiefs and 49ers.

Montana made an appearance this week on the Jake Asman Show in Houston with some revealing details into the intimate conversation that had Montana admit that Brady told him that he wasn’t happy in New England:

"I spoke to Tom while we were back at the Super Bowl. I don't think he was happy with the way things were progressing there and his ability to have input. I think that was a big decision for him to make to leave there… I think that was one of his beefs up there… He told me that, 'They'd ask my advice, I tell them, and then they don't take it.' I think he would like a little bit of the input and I think they'll probably let him have that [in Tampa Bay], especially with the success that he's had."

Montana was quite vague with some of the details surrounding these ‘beefs’ Brady had with the Patriots franchise, but Robinson said one of the biggest things that triggered Brady’s distrust was the team releasing star wide receiver Antonio Brown amid mounting off-the-field theatrics that had multiple women coming forward alleging sexual misconduct.

After signing with the team on September 7th, 2019, just hours after being released by the Oakland Raiders, Brown would actually suit up for one game with the Patriots, even catching a touchdown pass from Brady in a Week 2 blowout over the Dolphins. However, Brown would be released just a week later on September 20th when menacing text messages surfaced that Brown had allegedly sent one of his accusers the previous week.

Brady and Brown had reportedly became close in the two week period he was with the team, as Brady even offered Brown the chance to live at his house if he needed somewhere to stay in the initial days after the signing. Brady at one point had told reporters that Brown was best receiver he had ever worked with.

Brown hasn’t play in the NFL since, and Brady ended up having one of the worst statistical seasons of his career in 2019, culminating in Brady bolting to the upstart Bucs in March.

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