Former Player Says Giannis is 'Overrated', Will Never Be 'The Guy'

Former Player Says Giannis is 'Overrated', Will Never Be 'The Guy'

Mike Harmon: “What is Giannis?”

Ryan Hollins: “We saw the flare up of Scottie Pippen going ‘HE’S NOT ME, HE’S A TWO-TIME MVP!’ Well, guess what? He’s not a Michael Jordan and he’s not a Batman, and you’re seeing it right now. They’re putting the ball in his hands for two years in a row and Giannis can’t dunk his way to a championship. Everybody said I was crazy when I said Giannis was ‘overrated.’ Saying that he was overrated was not me saying that Giannis wasn’t a good basketball player, that he wasn’t an MVP, and wasn’t a generational talent, It’s just that Giannis is not LeBron James, Giannis is not Michael Jordan. That’s with all due respect… He’s struggling right now to lead a team because everything is to the rim, rim, rim, and now you have a deeper appreciation for guys like LeBron, guys like Michael Jordan, and guys like Kobe Bryant… Giannis is more of a ‘Scottie Pippen.’ He’s a better player than Scottie Pippen, but ultimately Giannis is not ‘The Guy.’ Nowhere is that a knock on Giannis, it just means he’s got some growing to do… He may never have a jump shot, it just may not work out.”

Listen to former NBA player Ryan Hollins explain to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon why he thinks Giannis Antetokounmpo will never be a ‘Batman’ and will never be ‘The Guy’, as a true number one on a championship team.

Check out the segment above as Hollins says Giannis is more of a ‘Scottie Pippen’, albeit more talented than Pippen, but a guy who will simply be overrated for the rest of his career.

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