Dodgers Player Refunds Fan Whose Cardboard Cutout He Smashed With Home Run

Someone needs to run and buy a lottery ticket after what we witnessed tonight.

During the Dodgers 10-6 win over the Colorado Rockies, a familiar fan cut out got drilled in the head after a homerun by Mookie Betts. A fan by the name of Austin Donley has become quite popular over the past few months after getting his fan cut out was damaged after home runs by Betts and Will Smith just last month.

Last month, catcher Smith sit a solo homerun in the in the 9th inning to cut the lead to 1 run against the Giants. The fan that tweeted out the highlight of his cutout getting taken out by Smith even got a response by Will Smith on Twitter:

Sorry I took your head off... shoot me a dm and I’ll hook it up for you

According to Donley, Smith hooked him up with a nice prize! Here is what Donley had to say:

Huge thank you to @will_smith30and the @Dodgers for hooking it up! Wouldn’t want to be hit in the cardboard face by anybody else.

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