Doug Gottlieb Blasts 'Woke' Media For Pulling Race Card on Steve Nash Hire

Doug Gottlieb: “It is quite alright if you think there is a disproportionate number of white to black head coaches, and it's something that needs to evolve and change, but none of that actually matters in the context of the Brooklyn Nets job. Relationships matter – Steve Nash has a relationship with Kevin Durant and some sort of relationship with Kyrie Irving, but more importantly a relationship with Sean Marks. Sean Marks and Jacque Vaughn are friends, and they worked together and played together in San Antonio… I love Jacque Vaughn and he was one of my idols growing up in Southern California, but the idea that he coached the Nets well in the Bubble, and they went 5-3, and Caris Levert was awesome, that somehow he deserves the head coaching job? The missing part is that he already had a head coaching job and was TERRIBLE in Orlando… Every time a white man is selected instead of a black man, race is not the first, or even part of the equation… And then there are times that it maybe becomes a factor. I DIDN’T HEAR ANY OF YOU IDIOTS IN THE MEDIA COMPLAINING WHEN DEREK FISHER GOT THE KNICKS JOB. I DIDN’T HEAR ANY OF YOU COMPLAINING WHEN JASON KIDD GOT THE NETS JOB. Isiah Thomas got a job with the Indiana Pacers and he had never coached a day in his life and no one said a word. Mark Jackson had never coached a day in his life either when he got the Warriors job… If you have a problem with guys getting a job with no head coaching experience then why didn’t you get mad when Mark Jackson, Derek Fisher, Isiah Thomas, Jason Kidd, and Doc Rivers got jobs after being great players? Because it’s so easy to play the race card.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks the media was wrong to push the ‘white privilege’ narrative when it came to former two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash getting the Brooklyn Nets job.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb points out that the media was angry that Nash ‘skipped the line’ and got a head coaching job right out of the blocks as a former player with no prior coaching experience, but yet didn’t acknowledge that it happens with former Black players-turned head coaches all the time including Doc Rivers, Mark Jackson, Derek Fisher, and Isiah Thomas, who like Nash ‘skipped the line’ to become head coaches with no prior coaching experience.

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