Colin Cowherd Previews Every AFC Team’s Season in Just Three Words

Colin Cowherd describes EVERY AFC Team’s Season in Just Three Words.

AFC East


“Josh Allen gets Stefon Diggs, a 1,000-yard receiving guy in back-to-back years. Josh Allen is big and he can run, and he’s got 17 rushing touchdowns over the last two years; even more than Lamar Jackson. He’s got a big arm, and they didn’t have a deep threat last year, but they’ve got one now. I think they win the division.”


“Ryan Fitzpatrick is 38 in his 16th season, and got the starting job. Tua will play, my guess is early November when the schedule lightens up with Arizona and a couple games against the Jets. They are rebuilding their offensive front and the early schedule has a lot of really good pass rushes, so I’d rather see the bearded one take the hits than Tua, who has a well-chronicled injury history.”


“Eight players opted out, the most in the NFL, they have the toughest schedule, and they only returned five defensive starters. You can’t tell me the most intelligent, manipulative, and well-planned head coach is just winging it. I believe this is a part of a one-year re-structuring plan to land a college quarterback.”


“Jamal Adams gone, CJ Mosley opted-out, it’s been a weird camp where most of their wide receivers and running back have been injured... I have very low expectations. It’s not easy opening up against the Buffalo Bills for Sam Darnold.”

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