Colin Cowherd Previews Every NFC Team’s Season in Just Three Words

Colin Cowherd describes EVERY NFC Team’s Season in Just Three Words.

NFC East

Cowboys: ‘DAK IN SADDLE’

“Despite heavy speculation Dak signed a franchise tag. He had the second most passing yards in the NFL last year, but the downside was he did it against bad teams, going 1-6 against playoff teams, and he’s got an aging offensive line."


“The last three years they are 0-12 against the Eagles and Cowboys, and you can’t get worse with Joe Judge replacing Pat Shurmur who is more of a coordinator personality than a head coach. I did think Daniel Jones was surprisingly nimble and efficient, and I did think they had a good draft, and I liked a couple of their free agent acquisitions. Dave Gettleman is not my fav, but I thought they had a very good offseason."

Eagles: ‘HURT vs. HURTS’

“Carson Wentz is always hurt, and they drafted Jalen Hurts. Both will play this year. They lost Brandon Brooks, one of the best interior offensive lineman in the NFL, but they acquired Darius Slay, who I think you can argue is the first or second best corner in the league, and that has been a problem position for the Eagles in the last several years."

Washington: 'RIDE THE RIVERA'

"They had the worst passing offense and worst scoring offense in the NFL and they hired a defensive coach. The good news is that Dwayne Haskins his last two starts has 4 touchdowns, no picks, and a 73% completion percentage. Take a deep breath, let him make 6 or 8 starts, and then we can make judgment.”

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