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Jason Whitlock: Woke Athletes Like LeBron James Are Shallow and Dishonest

Jason Whitlock: Woke Athletes Like LeBron Are 'Shallow' and 'Dishonest'
Jason Whitlock: “I have watched some NBA and it’s been pretty good. If it wasn’t for the politics, I don’t know if I would ever miss a game, but there is only so much of it I can take. I find the stupidity of all the stuff written on the back of their jersey infuriating -- the ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs, the way the announcers talk about it, the television commercials, and stuffing it down my throat… Quite honestly I just don’t like the athletes the way that I used to… The athletes are just making me think so many more things about them – they work hard, they’re great competitors, they’re probably fun guys to go kick it with and go hang out with in the club, but now I’m thinking about their political views and just how shallow they are, how controlled they are, how controlled they are about wanting to be liked over social media and wanting to build a ‘brand’, and just how dishonest they are. I’m from these communities that are really affected by high crime and violence and to see these guys stir up all this anti-police animosity, it just infuriates me. It’s making things more difficult in these poor black communities. I’m thinking about all THOSE things rather than, ‘man, this is great watching LeBron being a dominant basketball player’… Now I gotta think about LeBron’s ‘Vote or Die’ t-shirts and his voting campaign, and he don’t know a damn thing about what he’s talking about, and he’s being used… I took a little joy this weekend, I didn’t say it over Twitter, but I wanted to – the whole Cardi B, Candace Owens feud over Twitter. Cardi B is virtually illiterate, she’s crude, she’s vulgar, she’s way out over his skis talking politics, and this is the kind of thought that ran through my mind -- I was like ‘In terms of talking politics, I’m not sure she’s any dumber than LeBron James.’ I just don’t want to think about LeBron James that way, like damn, he’s just as dumb as this vulgar rapper who was a stripper and robbing people. They’re playing for the same social media, political team. Man, they’re making it hard on sports fans and I don’t get it... If you think these athletes and entertainers have a clue what they’re talking about I feel sorry for you.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock explain why he thinks a lot of sports fans have been alienated by the politics that have crossed over into professional sports, as Whitlock details why he thinks these athletes are making it hard for fans to like them when they're proving just how ‘shallow’ and ‘dishonest’ they really are with their hollow political talking points.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock blasts modern athletes, and compares LeBron James current part in politics to rapper Cardi B’s bizarre ongoing feud with controversial social commentator Candace Owens.

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