Kawhi Leonard 'Choking' Could Be the Most Shocking Thing In Sports

Los Angeles Clippers Lose to Denver Nuggets

Los Angeles Clippers Lose to Denver Nuggets

After a series that many pundits believed would be over when the Clippers had won 3 games to the Nuggets 1 game, Denver shocks the world by reaching deep and turning the tables on the Clippers. The aftermath has left many in confusion about the talent of the LA Clippers who looked like champions on paper but it was no match for the reality of the playoffs. Sure the unforseen scenarios that Clippers underwent in the bubble weren't ideal but still, this team seemed poised for a collision course with the Los Angeles Lakers.

There's nobody more shocked than Rob Parker...well maybe Ben Maller is a little more shocked. But truthfully, Rob Parker admitted, this might have been the most shocking defeat he's seen in sports. Chris Broussard who also felt the Clippers were on their way to Championship glory suddenly said yesterday before the game that he was having cold feet about his pick. He had lost faith in the Clippers and believed they could beat the Nuggets but wouldn't be able to defeat the Lakers. And with the Clippers' defeat, Chris and Rob are left picking up the pieces. Right now, Chris believes the best player in the world is LeBron James and that Kawhi Leonard wasn't able to handle the spotlight bestowed upon him by the hype surrounding that Clippers roster.

Listen to Chris Broussard & Rob Parker's discussion below:

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