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President Donald Trump Joins Clay Travis to Discuss Big 10's Return & More

Clay Travis is joined for a second time by the President of the United States, Donald Trump. The Big 10 just announced that they will indeed have a football season this fall, and President Trump was instrumental in that process and decision.

Clay has been the Big 10's biggest advocate from the start, fighting for them to have a football season, and President Trump was able to talk with key people, including Big 10 Commissioner Kevin Warren, to push for fall of 2020 to happen.

Not only is the Big 10 going to be playing, but President Trump would like to see the Pac-12 back on the field as well, and in recent days, that possibility seems much more likely to happen than it did just one week ago.

Beyond conferences returning to play,Clay and President Trump cover a lot of ground during the Commander in Chief's second visit to Outkick, and it's an interesting conversation to say the least.

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