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Clay Travis Blasts the NFL's Strict Policy on Coaches Wearing COVID Masks

Clay Travis: “Is this anything other than cosmetic theater? They are testing everybody every day, and I’m imagining coaches aren’t wearing masks every minute of every day when they’re coaching practice and everything else. None of the players are wearing masks. They are talking to each other, they are tackling each other, they are sweating all over each other, shaking hands after the game is over, and they are doing everything that you would normally do during an NFL game. If you are testing every single day, and there are no fans present and nobody is anywhere near you, is it really necessary at all for coaches to have masks on? If you’re testing every day why do the coaches need to have masks on during the game on the sideline? It doesn’t seem like that’s making anything safer at all, and seems totally illogical… If I’m a coach, and my choice is ‘I’m going to get fined, but I know 100% that everybody is going to be able to hear the play I’m going to call’ OR ‘I’m going to save the money, but two or three times during the course of the game my play call is not going to be as crisply heard as it ordinarily would be’ I’m paying the $100,000 fine. If I owned a franchise I would go ahead and pay my coach’s fine too… If I’m a billionaire owner and my team thinks that they’re more efficient and more better able to coach without having to wear mask, I just say ‘screw it’ and I’d pay the $1.6 million fine for 16 games… This doesn’t seem logical at all to me, and feels like cosmetic theater and an exercise absurdity.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis rip the NFL for their strict policy towards enforcing head coaches to wear masks during the sidelines of games, as Sean Payton and Jon Gruden became the latest victims to be dealt $100,000 fines for not adhering to the protocols.

Check out the video above as Clay details why it makes zero sense for the coaches to be wearing masks, when players, coaches, and team personnel are already taking daily COVID tests administered by the NFL, and says it’s really just ‘cosmetic theater’ for the league to boast about its safety concerns towards COVID on TV broadcasts, when they really know that coaches wearing masks is pointless.

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