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Jason Whitlock Opens Up About His Feud With Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor

Listen to Jason Whitlock join Clay Travis on Outkick the Coverage to detail his bizarre recent Twitter spat with ESPN talents Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor, as the three have been trading barbs on social media for the last 72 hours.

Whitlock intercepted the original controversy on Twitter that had Fox Sports Radio’s Doug Gottlieb voicing a critique of Taylor on Twitter that quickly went viral. Gottlieb questioned Taylor’s voting qualifications for All-NBA teams after it was revealed that Taylor had shockingly left Lakers star Anthony Davis of all three of her All-NBA teams.

Taylor sad it was a ‘clear mistake’ on her part, and claimed that she forgot Davis on her ballot. Gottlieb said Taylor was ‘spread too thin’ with all her work across ESPN platforms to be a reliable and locked in All-NBA voter. Gottlieb also said that as an unbiased studio host whose main role was to act as an intermediary between the rest of the talent, Taylor didn't necessarily have a task that was heavily demanding towards analyzing the game, and thus might not be a qualified to vote on an award over someone whose job was to strictly study and evaluate game play.

Whitlock then engaged in the firestorm and shared ‘advice’ for Taylor, which included to stop playing the victim card when it came to constructive criticism from male counterparts, and warned Taylor to not go the insufferable ‘woke’ route of current and former ESPN hosts Michelle Beadle and Jemele Hill.

That’s when Nolan came to Taylor’s defense and further stoked the flame on Twitter, leading Whitlock to ultimately ‘Nuke’ Nolan, as Clay Travis put it.

Check out the full segment above as Whitlock explains why he chose to put Nolan in his crosshairs, and give the play-by-play on how it all went down.

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