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Jason Whitlock Says Katie Nolan and Maria Taylor Are 'Privileged'

Jason Whitlock: “You’re not interested in ending privilege, you’re interested in controlling who benefits from that privilege.” (Full Interview Above) (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock join Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis to open up about his ongoing feud with ESPN hosts Maria Taylor and Katie Nolan, as the three have been intertwined in a barrage of tweets this week that have touched on polarizing subjects the likes of sexism and privilege in the sports media.

The firestorm of Twitter exposure began when Fox Sports Radio host Doug Gottlieb was alluding to the blowback Taylor was receiving when it was revealed that the NBA awards voter had mistakenly forgot to include Anthony Davis on all three of her All-NBA teams. Gottlieb said Taylor was ‘spread too thin’ with all her work across ESPN platforms to be a reliable and locked in All-NBA voter. A handful of female reporters immediately came to Taylor’s defense, and that’s when Whitlock intercepted the viral dispute to call out Nolan and Taylor for their hypocrisy.

Check out the interview above as Whitlock explains why he went after Taylor and Nolan, and why the talking point of ‘privilege’ is actually being used in a contradictory way.

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