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Rob Parker: Tom Brady is Proving How Washed Up He Really Is

Rob Parker: “Tom Brady has thoroughly been a disappointment to the start of the season… HE’S BURN A TURNOVER MACHINE, and that’s why they got rid of Jameis Winston, and people said that’s why they couldn’t win… He has more turnovers than a bakery! He's been terrible! If this was Jameis Winston and he had 3 interceptions and two fumbles you would be crying bloody murder saying ‘See! He’s a turnover machine and he’s not that good! It’s why Tampa can’t win!’ And now you’re acting like it’s no big deal for Tom Brady to have 4 turnovers in the first two games… I told you that he washed and he’s not ‘THAT GUY.’” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Tom Brady proved him right in being the ‘washed’ 43-year-old that Rob predicted he would be, as Brady hasn’t exactly lit up the NFC with all of Tampa Bay’s potent weapons.

Brady is 30th in the league in QBR, 24th in passing yards, and has thrown three interceptions and lost one fumble in just two games.

Check out the video above as Parker details why he never bought into the Bucs as real contenders under Brady.

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