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Clay Travis: LeBron James Makes America a Much More Dangerous Place to Live

Clay Travis: “The NBA is tanking because they have embraced far-left wing politics, and the American sports public is rejecting them in spades… They are destroying themselves right before our very eyes… We saw two LA police officers just shot in cold blood while sitting in their cars and a celebration ensued in the city of Los Angeles. LeBron James was directly asked about that shooting and LeBron, who has opinions on everything under the sun, said ‘No comment.' The data is really telling us that athletes are making America WORSE. They’re making it more dangerous for police officers, they are making it more dangerous for people in inner cities, they’re making every citizen and police officer situation and interaction more freighted with danger than it otherwise would be, and the data reflects that I’m 100% true in all of this. Most people in the media haven’t told you that shootings have skyrocketed all over this country, that murder has skyrocketed all over this country, that cities with ‘Black Lives Matter’ protestors are the most active and seeing the largest increase in shootings and death, and the people who are actually dying are very often Black. It’s an unbelievable hypocrisy that we are living in a world where sports figures and sports media members want to praise athletes for standing up on their platform, instead of pointing out that the single most positive thing that any athlete in America could do and could say is ‘RESPECT POLICE’, and almost no one will say it… I am so fired up with the stupidity I see every single day on social media, and I am so fired up over the stupidity that I see from people in my sports media industry, and also from all of the athletes out there who barely spend five minutes educating themselves on any issue, and then spend a huge amount of time demagoguing on an issue that is so divisive, that they don’t understand, and that they haven’t researched the basic facts of. Divineness is at a record high in my life in this country, and much of it is rooted in lack of understanding in almost every single story that’s out there... Sports are directly leading to the death of hundreds, if not thousands of people that would otherwise be alive, and they’re leading directly to far more people being shot in this country.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks LeBron James and many modern professional athletes have made the United States a much more dangerous place to live with their ‘divisive’ views on contemporary incidents and events that have transcended sports.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he thinks athletes have become toxic influencers of the public and causing more violence in their communities with ignorant and unsubstantiated knee-jerk reactions on social media.

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