LeBron James' Old Age is Finally Starting to Show Vs. Nuggets

LeBron James' Old Age is Finally Starting to Show Vs. Nuggets
Chris Broussard: “LeBron looks old… Let’s give him his props – 30 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds… You look at the box score and think ‘LeBron did his thing, it wasn’t his fault’!, but when you watch the game you see how misleading those numbers are… Shannon Sharpe, the president of the LeBron James fan club graded LeBron’s performance as a ‘C-‘. I would have given him a ‘C’. He was tremendous in spurts, and they closed the gap some, but at times he looked like he was showing his age. Usually LeBron puts his imprint on the game, and controls the tempo and controls the pace, but he didn’t do that in Game 2… He shooting 65% in the first half, but only 42% in the second half in the playoffs, and he’s 0 for 6 in ‘clutch’ moments in the last 5 minutes of close games… Houston he looked great, Portland he looked great, regular season he looked great, maybe it’s a tough matchup. Jerami Grant is athletic. I’m not saying he’s Scottie Pippen, but he’s long, he’s athletic, and he’s young. He’s a tough defender, and Mike Malone came up with a scheme that made Kawhi look pedestrian and Paul George look mediocre.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss the Western Conference Finals series between the Lakers and Nuggets, and why they think LeBron might have revealed some wear and tear after the Lakers’ Game 3 loss.

Check out the segment above as Chris and Rob detail why LeBron’s often gaudy playoff numbers have been a bit misleading.

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