Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Week 3 Game in Just Three Words (Sep. 28)

Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Week 3 Game in Just Three Little Words (September 28st)



“They had a 28-3 and Josh Allen had to save them at the end. Third straight game for him with 300+ passing yards. In his last 14 games the former turnover machine has 23 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Josh Allen saved the day late, they got an officiating break, and Buffalo wins although they almost melted."

Bears at Falcons: ‘NICK OF TIME’

“Falcons are the first team in the NFL history to lose multiple games in a single season while leading by 15+ points in the fourth quarter. This was about Nick Foles, who has always had a whip, who has always let her rip, who may not always be the most mobile guy or a guy you want to build the franchise around, but Foles came in and threw three touchdowns in the fourth quarter, and the Bears somehow remain undefeated."

Texans at Steelers: ‘ARE STEELERS GOOD?’

"They're 3-0 but all their opponents are 0-3. Here's the good news; Pittsburgh overcome an 11-point deficit, they don't commit a turnover -- they had the longest current turnover streak in the NFL, and their defense shut out the Texans in the second half. I THINK they're good."

Bengals at Eagles: ‘WENTZ IT OVER?’

“Carson Wentz leads the NFL in all the BAD stats -- Turnovers, yards pers game, and QB rating.” (Full Segment of ALL 16 games Above)

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