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Colin Cowherd: Prime Michael Jordan Couldn't Take 2020 Lakers to NBA Finals

Colin Cowherd: “LeBron is in ANOTHER Finals. In the Michael Jordan/LeBron debate here are three things that you can no longer argue because they are FACTS. LeBron is going to take his fifth head coach to the Finals; Michael could never take a second head coach to the Finals. LeBron is going to take his third franchise to the Finals; Michael Jordan couldn’t win half his games with his second team. When LeBron James leaves a franchise they ALL deteriorate, even the well-run ones like Miami; Michael Jordan leaves and the Bulls were incredibly viable, and almost made the Finals the next year… Michael Jordan didn’t elevate all his teammates, he took the ball OUT of other scorers’ hands. LeBron elevates EVERYBODY, and everybody plays their best basketball, or a version of it statistically with LeBron… In the MJ and LeBron debate, you gotta give up certain arguments… Michael in his prime I do not believe could take this roster, even with Anthony Davis to the Finals. This is just old, and weird, and disparate parts… Some of those MJ arguments you gotta put to rest, dude, you lost ‘em.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks LeBron James’ 10th run to the NBA Finals in 17 seasons is making him gain ground in the Jordan vs. LeBron debate, as Colin says he doesn’t think even a prime Michael Jordan could have led this 2019/2020 Lakers team to the Finals.

Check out the video above as Colin details why even the most hardened Jordan fan need to put some of their arguments to rest after this Los Angeles Finals run we're seeing.

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