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Doug Gottlieb Calls Steve Ballmer an 'Idiot' For Firing Doc Rivers

Doug Gottlieb: “I think Steve Ballmer wants to win, but I think it’s a complete clown show. I think he’s an idiot. He paid a billion over asking price for the Clippers. They were purchased for $2 billion but they were really worth a billion and change. He’s an IDIOT. He gets so mad that they lost one or two games, and that’s when you don’t understand sports. Ty Lue and Jeff Van Gundy might fix things, and they might not. There’s also the possibility that Doc Rivers would have fixed things. Do something dramatic and you’re going to destroy your team. Where did we see this before? With the Houston Rockets, bought by a new owner who came in and got PISSED and made changes for ‘changes’ sake. They’re NOT better with Russell Westbrook as opposed to Chris Paul. Chris Paul and James Harden didn’t get along great but they were a better fit and had a greater chance at winning a championships. Tilman Fertitta and Steve Ballmer are brilliant IN THEIR FIELD, but they’re both just fanboys. They don’t know anything about basketball, ZERO, ZILCH. You had a lead entering the fourth quarter in Games 5 and 6, and the team was completely out of sorts because you’re playing in the Bubble. It’s their first year together and they never really got it right. Year one is ALWAYS hard, and LeBron hasn’t won in year one when he’s been in any of these places. Year 2 you make some changes and move some things around. These billionaire owners wanna win and they wanna win NOW and if my team gets embarrassed I’m just gonna chop off heads. You were really close and now you’re blowing it up.”

Listen to Doug Gottlieb blast Clippers owner Steve Ballmer for firing longtime Clippers coach Doc Rivers after their shocking exit from the second round of the NBA playoffs.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb calls the Clippers a ‘clown show’ and Ballmer an ‘idiot’, as Gottlieb details why Ballmer might be a genius when it comes to computer software, but an airhead when it comes to actual basketball.

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