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Colin Cowherd Rates the 'Panic Meter' For Every Underachieving NFL Team

Listen to Colin Cowherd score the ‘panic meter’ for the NFL’s most underachieving teams the likes of the Falcons, Cowboys, Broncos, Texans, Chargers, Vikings, Saints, Jets, and Eagles.

Is Falcons head coach Dan Quinn sitting on the league’s hottest seat?

Are the Cowboys once again the most glamorously overrated team in the NFL?

At one point will the Broncos go into ‘tank mode’ with budding franchise quarterback Drew Lock out for the next month?

Are the winless Texans a cupcake, or simply punch-drunk from facing Kansas City, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh in consecutive weeks?

Are the Chargers worried about the standings anymore, or simply seeing what they have with rookie quarterback Justin Herbert?

Is Kirk Cousins playing in his final season with the Vikings?

Is Drew Brees’ arm completely shot?

Will Adam Gase be fired if the Jets lose to the Broncos on Thursday Night Football?

How many more losses will it take for the Eagles to swap Jalen Hurts in place of Carson Wentz?

Check out the FULL audio segment above.

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