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Doug Gottlieb: Kyrie Irving is the Most Arrogant & Obtuse Athlete in Sports

Doug Gottlieb: “Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have not played a single game together yet, not ONE, not even a minute, and you’re already hearing Kyrie saying 'we don’t need a head coach'… This is why LeBron was right to want to get rid of him. With lesser talent the Cleveland Cavaliers got right back to the Finals right after trading Kyrie Irving. The Boston Celtics went to the Eastern Conference Finals, then they get Kyrie Irving and lose in the second round, then they lose Kyrie and they go to the Eastern Conference Finals. Kyrie won’t listen, and he’s uncoachable. This is a guy who is smart enough, but not really, really intelligent. The really smart guys know enough to know what they don’t know, and he doesn’t. He thinks he knows EVERYTHING… You can’t win with that dude, he thinks he knows everything… He hasn't played a minute for Steve Nash or with Kevin Durant in a real basketball game and yet he's dictating terms and saying, 'We don't really need a head coach'. Is there a more arrogant and obtuse player in professional sports??” (Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb blast Kyrie Irving after Irving had a bizarre interview on Thursday in which Irving said the Nets don’t really have a ‘head’ coach, but rather a ‘collaborative’ effort where effectively everyone can be a ‘coach.’

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb is flabbergasted with Irving’s viral soundbite, saying Kyrie is proving once again just how uncoachable he is, and going as far to say that Irving could be the most ‘arrogant’ and ‘obtuse’ athlete in professional sports.

For the FULL and extended segment, check out the bottom of the page.

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